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Bradley Davis ~ Safety Coordinator

Safety Commitment 

Safety is our highest priority and we are committed to the health and safety of our team members, customers, and community.  We work to continually improve our processes, demonstrate leadership, and promote comprehensive safety.  We expect all team members to adhere to our safety standards and actively participate in and support the advancement of our health and safety practices.  


Our Safety Standards

  • We uphold a Comprehensive Safety Program that meets and exceeds OSHA and L&I requirements. 

  • We perform pre-construction Job Safety meetings and ongoing on-site Inspections paired with Weekly Safety Meetings throughout the job for continual monitoring and communication of hazards in the field. 

  • We maintain a ZERO-tolerance drug and alcohol policy with periodic testing. 

  • We provide extensive safety training for all team members starting with new-hire orientation to our Safety Culture and extended throughout each member's career. 

  • Our Incident Report Policy ensures that each team member understands they have the ability and responsibility to stop a job process in order to prevent an incident from occurring. 

  • Management provides necessary resources to achieve all safety goals and continually reward team members for safe work practices. 

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